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"Enemy of the People"

The Story of Injustice...

Linda Henning

"WRONGFULLY CONVICTED Woman Exposes the Dark Underbelly of JUSTICE in New Mexico"

Linda Henning's Story:

     I am a life-sentenced prisoner in her 18th year of incarceration for a murder I did not commit. Railroaded by a corrupt cabal of judges, attorneys, police and correction officials, I am one of a number of women who  have been intentionally denied her Sixth Amendment Rights to Due Process and a Fair Trial, by the State of New Mexico.


     Women are under a State of Siege in New Mexico and we are denied routinely: funds for our defense, expert witnesses for our defense, and conflict-free defense counsel (my defense attorney - Gary Mitchell represented the State's witness against me until trial time-then he was appointed to defend me in a death - qualified trial). In death penalty trials - only male defendants are given their Sixth Amendment Rights which includes a mitigating specialist and mitigating evidence on their behalf. The State vigorously protects the rights of male defendants and provides generously for them, but not for women. Without witnesses or funds for their defense, women are always convicted. Currently, I am serving a 12 year sentence on four felonies dismissed by the State Supreme Court more than 10 years ago.  No court will re-sentence me nor will any attorney help me. 

      Despite my prior squeaky-clean record and personal background, no attorney would defend me.  My first attorney, Darryl Cordle, robbed me of my personal assets and fled the State when prosecutors linked him to drug cartels and prostitution. He gave up his state bar license voluntarily.
      My next defense attorney, Trienah Gorman-Meyers lost her state license due to her own drug problems, Felicia Garcia-Kelly, a divorce attorney; claimed Meyers misappropriated $25,000 from the State trial lawyer's fund. During my death qualified trial, Garcia-Kelly would falsely testify against me in return for leniency in her own brother's murder trial. Later, she would apologize to me and visit me in prison. In a letter, she claimed she was coerced by the State prosecutors to make false claims against me. No court would address this State Habeas Exh. 15. The trial jurors were unaware of the inducement made to Garcia-Kelly for her testimony.
     I was forced to accept, Mitchell's appointment as my public defender after the State robbed me of all my assets, directly and indirectly. I did not realize his loyalty was to the State, not his client.
     The Albuquerque Police Department used Grand Jury Exhibit 48 captioned "DNA MATCHES" to indict me on Murder One-Death by lethal injection. However, the problem was that the forensics was kept in forensic detective Nick Gonzales's personal possession for 2.5 months before he turned the evidence over to Catherine Dickey, A.P.D forensic scientist, 11 days after the Grand Jury indictment. Therefore, the evidence submitted against me was false. This was all documented on the chain of custody evidence tags, signed by Gonzales who was later murdered by suicide. His death should be re-opened.
      Gary Mitchell protected the lack of evidence and the State witnesses waffling and contrary testimonies. By not challenging the State's evidence - which they claimed were three blood droplets in a straight line on a single carpet fiber at the victim's apartment - the trial jury convicted me.
     The Albuquerque Police Department staged the crime scene and destroyed the crucial evidence to prevent access by the defense. "Why?" By testing the blood droplets, the blood would reveal presence of female hormones raising more questions than answers as to its source and origin, which was removed from my residence. The State would, ultimately and intentionally, destroy the evidence before the trial. With the death of forensic detective Gonzales and the destruction of the blood evidence by the State, I proceeded to trial without witnesses, finger prints, actual evidence, or remains or a body. According to jury foreman, James Brown, I was convicted because Mitchell believed in my guilt - he refused to challenge the State's evidence or witnesses.
     In the largest DNA case in New Mexico history, while the State spent millions to kill me, I was denied funds and DNA experts. No court in America will grant me a hearing despite State's own documents raising serious questions as to the reliability of the trial's outcome. The verdict was conflicted and out of 20 charges, 14 have been dismissed, or acquitted, but no court will grant me a re-sentencing hearing. I have been denied a hearing on pleadings of factual innocence.
      For challenging the misogynistic agenda of the State of New Mexico - my life has been threatened by powerful figures in the State. With your help, I may survive. Both my judges were forced off the bench due to drugs and an allegation of raping a prostitute. Despite the judges multiple arrests and attorney misconduct, no one would spend more than 20 minutes in jail. I spend my time working as a prisoner advocate to help fellow female inmates with their legal issues. Without help from the public, women will be denied their legal rights to a fair trial. We are in desperate need of help. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and concern. Linda

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